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Meets or exceeds ASME A112.19.2-2003 and IAPMO/ANSIUPC1-2003
Meets or exceedsCSAB45.0-02, B45.1-02 and B45S1-04
Meets the American Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines andANSIA117.1 requirements for accessible and
usable building facilities; please check local codes
Map tested for 1000 gram
Water Sense approved, meets EPA criteria
16 " -  comfortable height
1.06 GPF/4L flush for liquids, 1.6 GPF/6L flush for solids
2" completely glazed trapway
2" diameter dual flush valve
Anti-siphon quiet refill valve, non ballcock style
Ceramic with a jet siphon action bowl flush design
Chrome flush push button
12" rough in
With lined tank
Includes two color matched bolt caps, bowl bolts and rubber tank to bowl gasket
Available in white
Fittings could be replaced by "fluidmaster" fittings, and the SKU# as below
-Fill valve: 400A
-Flush valve: 821WB

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